St Bernards Academy Rebooted

We are continuing our rebooted initiative for our academy after a huge success last season. This year, we will also be adding shin guards!

We all know how fast kids grow out of their boots!
You can now donate old boots that are still in good condition that are not being used or your child has outgrown along with shin guards that you may not need anymore.


We are looking for donations of boots in all kids' sizes. These can be given to your coach/ manager at training. We will also be collecting shin guards!

Step 2:
We will then open up the club shop for your chance to buy a pair of boots, It will be €5 for members to buy a pair and €10 for non-members. All money raised will go directly to our clubs day to day running expenses.

What we want:
- Clean boots in good condition
in a zip lock bag.
-shin guards in good condition

If you have any questions, please contact us here or on Facebook/ Instagram, and we'll be happy to help.